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Monday, November 08, 2010

Status Update

Well, it's been over two years since I found out I had cancer, so I figure it's time for a status update. The esophageal cancer was successfully removed by chemo/radiation and surgery, and hasn't come back at all, as shown by semi-annual CT scans. After my next scan, I switch to annual exams, and I'll be "cancer-free" three years after that.

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes during that time.


Blogger Jed Christiansen said...

Awesome, Awesome news, Joel. Best wishes for a continued successful recovery.

11/08/2010 4:46 PM

Anonymous STSC said...


Great news.
Best wishes for a full and continued cancer-free life!

11/08/2010 4:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT news Shipmate. Maintain zero bubble!
R, Gordo

11/08/2010 4:58 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Good News Here is hoping you have Fair winds and Following seas... Although I don't know if a sewer pipe sailor can feel them:))

11/08/2010 5:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't know me from adam but congratulations on your recovery. I lost my father-in-law to this type of cancer while I was at sea during my last patrol. He was diagnosed and passed in less than a month. He was not an alcoholic, but he enjoyed a glass of bourbon on the rocks routinely. I have heard of others that had similar drinking habits that had this type of cancer. Being an occasional whiskey drinker myself, I was wondering if there was any connection in your case?

11/08/2010 5:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto X 5

11/08/2010 5:55 PM

Blogger MT1(SS)WidgetHead said...

Joel that's outstanding!!
So from what I've read, you were 1/2 a step away from making XO. Something tells me you would have been a good one. Strict and to the point, but fair.

More than you're aware of, there are quite a few of us who are happy that you're doing fine in life. Personally, I say way to go Pard in beating that horseshit cancer at it's own game.

May the wind continuously be on your back, Sir!

11/08/2010 6:02 PM

Blogger Mike Golch said...

That is Great news indeed.

11/08/2010 7:53 PM

Anonymous YNC(SS), USN, Retired said...

That's wonderful news. Keep on keepin' on.

My bride of 35 years was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in November 2008. She lost the battle October 22, 2009.

11/08/2010 9:15 PM

Blogger John said...

Great news for you and your family Joel. Very happy to hear this...

11/08/2010 9:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Bubblehead!! May you be blessed with many more decades on this planet.........

11/09/2010 5:51 AM

Anonymous Surfcaster said...

Great news!

11/09/2010 3:22 PM

Anonymous Eric Severseike said...


Great to hear, and congratulations! Here's to many more years of TSSBP!


11/09/2010 4:55 PM

Blogger Thomas said...

Glad to hear that, and may you have many more 'negative' followup visits!

11/09/2010 5:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent news, Bubblehead!

I love being an unknown reader and neighbor in the Treasure Valley, and wish you the best. I'm a former wannabe submariner (grew up in IF in the nuclear tradition, and left ROTC scholarship after first year and cruise for reasons unrelated to the cruise) and appreciate your insights into both Navy and local politics.

11/10/2010 12:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't remember how I stumbled on your website. Googling something sub related, I imagine. Your blog has brought a worried mom laughter, education and relief on a number of occasions. I wish you well, and will include you in my prayers. Congrats on your good health.

11/10/2010 12:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a great feeling, isn't it? Very happy for you.

11/10/2010 8:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joel Congrats on beating this cancer. My father and uncle both died of this. Dad survied only 6 mos. Uncle 5 yrs.
Also thanks for your informative blog. Son is a current sub officer and I appreciate the info your blog provides.

11/11/2010 8:22 AM


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