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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm On A (Political) Blog

I while back, I mentioned that I wouldn't be posting my political writings here anymore because I'd be joining a group blog. That new blog,, has finally launched, and will focus on Idaho politics with writers from across the political spectrum. (At least that's what we hope -- I'm currently the most liberal writer, and my political philosophy is very close to the first President Bush.) For those who are interested, my first post is here. (It's basically about the upcoming battle for the soul of the Idaho Republican Party.)


Anonymous Jay the Nuke said...

Fuck the conspiracy theories, full speed ahead!!!!

12/14/2011 8:24 AM

Blogger Curt said...

You're a Republican??

'In Idaho, that makes me a Democrat. (If you don't like something on this blog...'

12/14/2011 8:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Political parties are bullshit. No wonder 50% of the American public refuses to vote. It just encourages them.

12/14/2011 9:57 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I'm a strong believer in the two-party system, so I figure I need to be a Democrat or a Republican. I still consider myself a Republican nationally -- I've never voted for a Democrat for President. In Idaho, however, the state Republican Party is so far to the right (as my article mentioned, their platform calls for the repeal of the 17th Amendment and return to the gold standard) that the political spectrum in Idaho is skewed so badly that someone of my political bent is pretty much in the middle of the Idaho Democratic Party.

12/14/2011 10:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A caution on politial parties...from America's original president:

20 I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the state, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party, generally.

21 This spirit, unfortunately, is inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind. It exists under different shapes in all governments, more or less stifled, controlled, or repressed; but, in those of the popular form, it is seen in its greatest rankness, and is truly their worst enemy.

22 The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.

23 Without looking forward to an extremity of this kind, (which nevertheless ought not to be entirely out of sight,) the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.

24 It serves always to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration. It agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.

25 There is an opinion, that parties in free countries are useful checks upon the administration of the Government, and serve to keep alive the spirit of Liberty. This within certain limits is probably true; and in Governments of a Monarchical cast, Patriotism may look with indulgence, if not with favor, upon the spirit of party. But in those of the popular character, in Governments purely elective, it is a spirit not to be encouraged. From their natural tendency, it is certain there will always be enough of that spirit for every salutary purpose. And, there being constant danger of excess, the effort ought to be, by force of public opinion, to mitigate and assuage it. A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume.

-- U.S. President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

12/14/2011 10:21 AM

Anonymous News Reader said...

This is all fascinating about your state's politics Joel but I would also like it if you would post something about the Russian aircraft carrier approaching the British coastline and the Royal Navy's inability to challenge it with a force larger than (1) British destroyer. The Russians dumped their trash in the ocean in plain view of the Royal Navy warship too. It is in today's news.

12/14/2011 10:32 AM

Anonymous 4-Stop said...

Hey “News Reader” how much of a nuke are you? The blog that you are writing on is mainly about bubbleheads AKA Submarine Sailors. What do you want to bet that section tracking party is in full-effect on the CON or CACC (for the VA guys) by at least one Submarine. I foresee a few “Christmas” packages, double rapped in plain brown paper of course, being delivered to ONI.

12/14/2011 12:00 PM

Anonymous NHSparky said...

4-stop pretty much hit it. Anyone here who thought otherwise hasn't been to sea since 1989.

And Joel--now you know how I feel living in a state of limp-wristed RINOs. These people thought McCain was a hard-core conservative, and think the same of Romney.

My .02--never trust a guy who can comb his hair with olive oil and a fork.

12/14/2011 1:11 PM

Anonymous custom research paper said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1/01/2012 10:20 PM

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