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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tonight At TSSBP...

Peeps. Fun holiday confection? Or something I can't stand? If I get around to it (and if the story of the fire on the Russian submarine turns out to be a non-event, as I think it will be), I'll try to answer that question tonight...

Update 2237 13 April: I was gonna do a fairly long post with links to the websites in the article linked above (which I saw in my local paper), but then I noticed that the links are all included in the on-line article. (If that article goes away, here's a complete Peeps link page.) To answer my question: I don't like Peeps. Never have. Probably never will.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peeps are to Easter what candy corn is to Halloween: a cruel confectionary trick played on gullible children. In fact, I think with the right amount of yellow dye and a giant frothing machine, we could convert the BP oil spill into the mother of all peeps. On second thought, the crude oil probably tastes better.

6/15/2010 2:08 PM

Anonymous said...

To my mind everybody have to glance at it.

10/28/2011 10:43 AM


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