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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Submarines And Goats -- A Checkered History

It seems the British Submarine Force has been using goats in experiments on submarine escape -- experiments that have now been completed:
The Ministry of Defence says it will abandon deep-diving experiments which involve inducing decompression sickness in live goats.
The animals were used to see what the likely risk of "the bends" would be following escape from a submarine at varying depths under water.
The information would help crews judge whether it would be safer to abandon a stricken vessel or wait to be rescued.
Animal rights campaigners say the move will "end decades of animal suffering".
Lest there be anyone out there who thinks that Submariners only like abusing goats, it turns out that there's a long history of friendship between goats and submariners:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to remember an inflatable goat that made prank rack appearances on my first boat... perhaps a fetish picked up in Boat School? Looks like the Brits are on to something in trying to kick this dirty habit!


2/07/2008 4:24 PM


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