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Monday, January 31, 2005

HMCS Chicoutimi Update

Here's an update on HMCS Chicoutimi, the Canadian submarine that suffered the at-sea fire last October. She's expected to arrive in Halifax, carried by a Norwegian sealift vessel, on Tuesday. Another story, with picture, can be found here. My discussions of the fire and the aftermath can be found in my October archives.

While you're here, check out A.E. Brain, an outstanding blog from Down Under. Scrolling down, you'll see his take on the San Francisco grounding, or you can click here and here.

Bell-ringer 2145 31 Jan: In the comments, Ninme mentions the West Edmonton Mall submarine fleet. Here's a picture of them. And here's another.

Update 0822 01 Feb: Here's an update showing the sub entering Halifax harbor.


Blogger ninme said...

Oh my goodness! That just reminded me! I DO have submarine news to share!


(this is my only one, so don't blink)

The West Edmonton Mall is the largest mall in the world. It also boasts the largest parking lot in the world, and I swear the largest fire-breathing-dragon-in-a-movie-theater in the world. It has a wave pool with beaches, pirate ships, a roller coaster, a casino. It also has four working submarines to tour the largest indoor lake in the world. The West Edmonton Mall, therefore, has the same number of submarines as the Royal Canadian Navy, plus one, as the Chicoutimi isn't feeling well.

1/31/2005 8:17 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I haven't been to the Edmonton mall (my trips to Canada outside of Winnipeg have been port visits to Victoria) but I've heard that they have essentially everything there. Submarines are a new one, though... I guess they really do have everything!

1/31/2005 9:38 PM

Blogger ninme said...

Everything except access to an ocean, unfortunately.

1/31/2005 11:20 PM


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