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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Around the Blogosphere...

I'm blogging during lunch while waiting for the HR rep for the company I'm going to be working for to call back so I can accept their job offer, so I figured I'd fill the time by taking a quick stroll around my little corner of the 'Net:

How do you feel about Hollywood actors and their action with respect to the military? Head over to Castle Argghhh!!! as well as the link to the concomitant Snopes entry and you might change your mind about at least one of them.

Rob's Blog has a personal story about how drinking and driving can ruin a promising military career (not Rob's, but one of his shipmate's).

Ever wonder how submariners go to the bathroom? bothenook has a real "no-sh*tter" that answers that question...

And finally, check out the newest addition to my blogroll, Lawhawk.

Update 1208 17 Feb: Also check out The Noonz Wire; he has some good thoughts on the San Francisco grounding.

Update 1421 17 Feb: In an effort to figure out exactly how widespread the guffawing over the Jimmy Carter is on blogosphere, I decided to use my Technorati skillz, and came up with this: 88 posts, of which at least 60 were generated over the last two days.

Hints for Job Hunters: So there I was, stuck doing temp "work" while looking for a real job for almost 4 months. Only one offer, and that was for about 40% of what I used to make. Now, I get two legitimate offers within 2 days (the hiring manager was calling in with the offer for the second job on the other line as I was accepting the first one); then, as I'm telling people about this, another call comes in from someone who wants to interview me immediately for a job they want to fill yesterday. What's my hint? The universe has a sense of humor -- accept it. As my personal motto states: "When all else fails, revel in the absurdity"...


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