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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

San Francisco Temporary Repairs

An article in Stars and Stripes has some information on the ongoing repairs to USS San Francisco. It appears that a temporary dome will be welded to the pressure hull in the bow; this dome, which will be watertight and filled with air, will provide the necessary buoyancy for the sub to make a surfaced transit across the Pacific. Excerpt:

"Repair teams will attach the dome, repair the ballast tanks “and do all the things necessary to make it safe to navigate on the surface,” Davis said.
"Though no decisions have been made about when the sub will depart Guam or where it will go, Davis said, “we think the temporary repairs will take three months.” The transit probably will occur this summer, he estimated."

This makes sense, as long as by "repair the ballast tanks" they mean they will cut away any portions that would interfere with the installation of the dome; I think repairing the forward port ballast tanks will be a little too much for the Guam shipyard to handle...


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