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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

bothenook is on a roll

Over at A Geezer's Corner, bothenook has been blogging up a storm. He links this really funny Scrappleface post on the Jordan Eason controversy, offers his take on the Lt. Gen. Mattis kerfluffle (also covered by Cassandra here), and has a couple of submarine related posts to boot, here and here. Check him out! And bo, other than your non-functional "shift" key, your writing easily tops mine... (although neither of us is up to WillyShake's level, I'll admit).

Going deep...


Blogger bothenook said...

why thanks for the kind remarks. don't sell yourself short. want to see what the blogosphere thinks of you? check your stats, and then check mine. so anyway, the whole stuck shift key comes from years and years of bbs and other board communciations that required you to type fast as hell before the message you were responding to dissappeared. got out of the habit, except for work stuff. dropping the caps cranked my typing speed from about 65 wpm to around 75. haven't really thought about changing back much, but maybe it's time. maybe not.

2/09/2005 8:37 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

No, don't change, bo. It gives your blog a nice homey feel... If I could type that fast, I think I'd give up capitalization too.

2/09/2005 11:24 PM


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