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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

bothenook on Another Hot Streak

Once again, bothenook is on a roll. You can scroll down past his redneck wedding photo, or go straight to his latest sea story. Before you leave his blog, make sure you weigh in on his discussion of the quality of old nukes vs. new nukes.
I've been fairly busy at my new job, but I'm hoping to have up a post comparing nukes and coners sometime soon. In the meantime, check out the newest sub-bloggers at Right Bubbleheads and Photios, as well as the veterans under my Submariners links. Also, here's an interesting review of the first Japanese submarine movie in five decades. Lastly, you can check out this ridiculous editorial in the Boston Globe and "fisk" it yourself before I get a chance! I'll give you a quick preview:

"News of another kind last week also raised it -- the commissioning by the US Navy of its newest submarine, a Seawolf attack sub, costing $3.2 billion and bearing more firepower than any submarine in history. But this sub, ordered during the Cold War, was designed to fight an enemy that no longer exists."

Wow, that was some incredible research. I bet that there are crewmembers on 59 other American submarines that might beg to differ...

Staying at PD... (to watch Amber and Rob on Amazing Race...)


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