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Friday, March 18, 2005

Happy Submariner's Day!

Saturday is Submariner's Day... in Russia. This article from Novosti gives an admittedly biased snapshot of the current state of the Russian submarine forces. While they are apparently building some new boats, they haven't commissioned a new nuclear boat in quite a while, and I figure anything that takes money away from the day-to-day operating budget of the Russian sub force is probably a good thing.

Going deep...

Update 2131 19 March: Here's an article from ITAR-Tass on this year's Submariner's Day, with some background.


Blogger ninme said...

Wow, Nickolai, eh? I'm all astonishment. I would have thought the submarine force would have been abolished, purged, then magically reinvented overnight by Stalin, or something.

3/20/2005 12:23 AM


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