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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sub-blogger Joins the Counterprotest

Chapomatic was out there with Citizen Smash and the rest of the San Diego Protest Warriors showing the increasingly shrinking numbers of protestors against the Global War on Terrorism that there are people who can also exercise their constitutional rights to make their opinion heard on the other side. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Chap!
There was also a protest here in Boise yesterday -- the paper said there were about 400 people there, but many of them were apparently invisible, based on the pictures. Boise moonbats are funny (and luckily, fairly few and far between -- the liberal ones, that is).

Staying at PD...


Blogger Chap said...

Thanks very much! I met an airdale LCDR and a surface LCDR there, too. Apparently we all feel pretty strongly about it!

3/22/2005 9:54 PM


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