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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Is It A Quagmire Yet?

So, how long until someone in the media starts calling the papal election conclave a "failure" or "quagmire"? I remember it took about a week for the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns in the Global War on Terror.

Update 1129: I guess not. The DUmmies aren't happy, though... If that's the case, he must be a good guy.


Blogger ninme said...

Aren't you cheeky.

You know, the DUmmies can't be happy about anything. Everyone says he's the nicest, sweetest guy. It's like the school principal that all the rebels thinks is a fascist, because the only time they ever see him is when they've been called into his office for spray painting curse words on the wall in the gym, while the well behaved kids don't know anything about him except for what the trouble-makers, the only ones with cause to meet him, say about him.

4/19/2005 1:44 PM

Blogger Vigilis said...

Well, all hale our new Pope. At 78 on April 16th, the overriding question is how long his influence will reign (although that outcome is certainly a matter of divine province). Prior to the last Pope, Papal secession appeared sudden and early.

In mid-1995 unified Germany had a life expecrancy of about 76.6 years (73.5 years for males and 79.9 years for females). The major causes of death were the same as those of other advanced countries. Speaking actuarily, the College of Cardinals wer aware of this and, Benedict XVI may be more of a token than the force majeur of his predecessor. In that case, his successor mayt well be Latin.

4/19/2005 8:53 PM

Blogger ninme said...

Did I hear that clergy live longer? Or am I thinking of something else.

It would make sense, though. They live clean lives, they never over-indulge, they're never homeless or destitute, they don't get their blood-pressure up by beating their wives or kids, they drink wine instead of beer, they walk a lot, they have lots of friends and community...

4/19/2005 11:13 PM

Blogger Vigilis said...

From Bill Gertz's column in today's
The new Pope's brother expressed concern. "I would have thought his advanced age and his health which is not very stable would have been reason enough for the cardinals to pick someone else," said a visibly moved in an interview on German television after the election of his 78-year-old brother. "But the cardinals made their decision and that is the will of God," said Ratzinger, himself a prelate.

4/20/2005 9:24 AM


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