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Friday, April 29, 2005

Staff Officer Quotes 4

Hungary is pulling their troops out of Iraq. Here are some quotes that show what a joy it was to get them into Iraq in the first place:

“I guess the next thing they'll ask for is 300 US citizens with Hungarian last names to send to Iraq…”
MAJ (Joint Staff) on the often-frustrating process of building the Iraqi coalition for Phase IV

“Working with Hungary is like watching a bad comedy set on auto repeat…”

“Between us girls, would it help to clarify the issue if you knew that Hungary is land-locked?”
CDR to MAJ (EUCOM) on why a deployment from Hungary is likely to proceed by air vice sea

And, in honor of our Latin American allies:

"It is nothing for US soldiers to be in the desert for a year without a woman. It is different for us, though, because we are Latin…”
LTC (LATAM country) on one of the differences between Latin American soldiers and their US counterparts


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