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Monday, May 02, 2005

Submarine O-9 on History Channel

Tonight at 10 pm ET/PT, The History Channel will air an episode of "Deep Sea Detectives" on the US submarine O-9, which was lost with all hands in June 1941.
One of my readers is especially interested in this show, since his Dad, a former crewmember on this class of sub, was interviewed for the program. Here's a short biography of this exceptional submariner:

"Dad was on the O-7 out of sub school. He made both of Tirante's war patrols and was at sea on the third when the war ended. He stayed in the navy and served on various boats and targets. In 1959 he was in the first group selected for the E8/E9 program and made QMCS(SS). Shortly thereafter he was selected for the original crew of SSBN598 under construction. Prior to the boats commissioning he was selected as an Ensign LDO. He went to the recommissioning crew of Uss Proteus and then to Scotland. He was also one of the early crew during the building of the USS Canopus. As an LDO LT., he was officer in charge of the bonus crew while awaiting ships commissioning. He then served as Navigator of Canopus and spent two years in Spain. I completed my first patrol in October 1968 and came along side Canopus but missed my parents by two weeks as he had been transfered to Sub School. He retired in 1973 as an LDO LCDR with 30 years service.
"Dad is in his early eighties retired in FL. He and my mom are in great health and dad still plays golf to a 16 handicap. He has amazing recall and the show expanded from an initial interview with him to two days of filming. We don't know how much made the final cut."

I just hope that I can say I've had half a good a life by the time I'm in my 80s. For those interested, here's some background information on the O-boats.


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