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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Shipyard Submariners Get Lucky Sometimes

I know that I really can't make fun of new construction guys (having done both of my Eng tours on newcon boats) but it seems kind of unfair that the shipyard pukes are the ones to get a visit from Miss USA. It seems even more unfair that the four PCU North Carolina (SSN-777) crewmen standing nearest to her in this photo are all wearing boomer pins. Seems like this young North Carolina lady could just as easily have visited the sea-going "fast attack tough" Sailors on the North Carolina-named boats USS Charlotte(SSN-766) , USS Asheville (SSN-758), or USS Greeneville (SSN-772).
Anyway, when I was in the shipyard, all we got were visits from Connecticut Senators Lieberman and Dodd... not quite the same thing as Miss USA...

Going deep...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky? This looks exactly like the kind of thing I would have avoided. It's all superficial. I bet field day the day before was fun though. I'd rather ditch the event, finish my work and get home to my Ms. Right. That's probably why its just the boomer guys that are hovering. The real fast boaters know there's more to get done before liberty goes down.

3 SSN's, 1 newcon, never again.

7/18/2005 7:45 AM


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