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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Submarine Song" Requests Being Processed

For all those who wrote requesting I E-mail you the lyrics to the Submarine Song, don't worry... I haven't forgotten you; I just got quite a few more requests than I was expecting, and I'm slowly working through them. I'll hopefully have them all out by the end of this weekend.

In the meantime, check out this story on where all the Ohio-class boats are going to end up:

"Louisiana will leave Kings Bay in August, while Maine will leave later this year, said Lt. Cmdr. Monica Richardson, spokeswoman for Commander, Submarine Group 10.
"The transfer will complete the shift of four SSBNs from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Pennsylvania shifted from Kings Bay in September 2002, followed by Nebraska in September 2004.
"The moves leave five SSBNs homeported at Kings Bay, including Rhode Island, Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland and Wyoming."

However, since two of the SSGNs (I would guess Florida and Georgia, but don't have any reason to guess that other than geographic naming PR) will also eventually be in Kings Bay, plus possibly some Groton-based SSNs in a few years, I wouldn't rush to sell my house in St. Mary's yet...

Going deep...

Update 2343 10 Aug: OK, I think I got everyone's request answered. I got one kick-back, though, so if you haven't received your copy, let me know, and I'll resend.


Anonymous rgardner said...

Correct on USS Florida and Georgia eventually being homeported in Kings Bay (and Ohio and Michigan in Bangor), but it was due to shipyard schedules, particularly the drydocks (shipyard loading), and when the boats were scheduled to leave strategic service.

Of course, the PR benefits of the 2 Kings Bay boats was noticed, but it certainly was not a driving issue.

I worked SSGN issues at N87/N77 when the program got funded.

8/12/2005 2:46 PM

Blogger Andoman said...

Would you be able to supply me with the lyrics to The Submarine Song? Station in Groton from 1990-1995.


7/02/2008 10:18 PM


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