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Saturday, November 05, 2005

HMCS Chicoutimi Crew Speaks

CTV has an article up with quotes from the crew of HMCS Chicoutimi, discussing last year's fire:

"One deck below, Lieutenant Commander Gord Young was troubleshooting the sub's power system.
"My first priority was to isolate power and when you do that you lose your fire pumps," says Young. "So you're left with extinguishers and this thing called an SFU90. That's basically a foam fire-fighting unit , 90 litres. It only lasts a short time."
"Pelletier said at that point, with the fire spreading, the crew was in a race to contain the fire before it snowballed.
"Another fire was also burning a deck below the control room, and soon Chicoutimi was filled with thick black smoke. As it thickened, the crew scrambled to pull on their Emergency Breathing System (EBS).
"I started scratching and looking around and feeling and touching the deck head and found an EBS coupling and rammed that thing up there as quick as I could," Young recalls.
"To this day, there's that image of my fingers in the soot looking for the coupling. That was pretty tough."

Read the whole thing...


Blogger drunknsubmrnr said...

I saw it. I knew most of those guys.

I would have liked the show a bit more if they'd pointed out that submarines don't normally burst into flame from taking a goffer down the tower. As they portrayed it, it looked like the OOW was at fault for not predicting a rogue wave.

11/07/2005 8:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew some of them too from when I was on boats ... as well, my brother was one of them. I agree that the show could have been better but all things considerd, it was pretty good.

There was a sticker in the afterends of the Ojibwa when I was on her, "Shit Happens" -- unfortunately, this time it did. It should be remembered that it could have been worse.

11/26/2005 3:12 PM


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