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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm Speechless

As long-time readers may know, I like to mock and belittle people who deserve it. Sometimes, though, I run across an item that is so completely self-mocking that I'm almost left without anything to add. Such was the case today when, via The Sub Report, I came across this article in the UK's Guardian:

"The use of a Trident nuclear missile, or its successor, would breach international law, the government is warned today. Even the threat to use nuclear weapons is unlawful, ministers are warned in a legal opinion by leading human rights lawyers.
"They say use of Trident would infringe what the international court of justice calls the "intransgressible" - or absolute - requirement that a distinction must be drawn between combatants and non-combatants. Nuclear weapons would also breach the requirement that use of force in self-defence must be proportionate.
""A Trident warhead would be inherently indiscriminate," says Rabinder Singh, QC, and professor Christine Chinkin of the London School of Economics, in a legal opinion for the campaigning group, Peace Rights..."

No crap, Perfesser... that's kinda the point of nuclear weapons; they're so bad, no one will use them against you, since you would then respond in kind. If you announce you won't use them, as you apparently want the British government to do, it sorta defeats the purpose. Oh, and I suppose if someone does use them against Britain, "Peace Rights" will be able to bring them up on charges in the International Criminal Court.

And then all these "progressives" wonder why people laugh at them. Morons...


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