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Monday, December 19, 2005

USS Dolphin On The Prowl

Today brings a new picture of and article about the American diesel-powered submarine USS Dolphin (AGSS 555). Returning to sea for her first long underway after the 2002 flooding and fire incident, it looks like she's ready to show HMS Gotland that there's another diesel boat ready to help out in San Diego!

Update 1826 20 Dec: Speaking of HMS Gotland, here's a new report on how they did during the Reagan Strike Group JTFEX. Excerpts:

"According to Swedish Liaison Officer Lt. Cmdr. Peter Ostbring, Gotland and her crew played a number of roles during the joint exercise, which mutually benefited the U.S. and Swedish navies by enhancing overall anti-submarine warfare (ASW) proficiencies and further strengthening the relationship between the two countries.
"Initially, [Gotland] was acting as an opposing force, and in the middle of the exercise, she acted as a green (friendly force) submarine, like a third country in a coalition doing intelligence and reconnaissance missions for the strike group," he said. "Later, she returned to being an opposing force."

Update 0630 21 Dec: Here's another article about the Dolphin.


Anonymous rebootinit said...

Glad to see her operational, I hope the issues that caused the flooding initially were corrected. Those boys onboard prove daily that submarining is tuff and I respect the hell out of them. God bless and I hope the hell they enjoy their DBF pins, haha.....

12/20/2005 12:45 AM

Blogger G-Man said... here. Rebootnit, the uniform gods in the US Navy does not allow the old DBF pins for Dolphin sailors. I should know, being that I did two tours on her.A couple of Dolphin sailors wore them at the Submarine Ball without getting in trouble though. We were never told why? So many other things to worry about.

12/20/2005 4:40 PM

Blogger submandave said...

It is my understanding the flooding resulted from a failed WTD seal in the side of the sail. As is often the case, fixing the initial problem is nothing compared to cleaning up and fixing the resulting problems. I worked with Zoltan at CSG7 and know he was relieved to get everybody out safe.

1/23/2006 3:49 PM

Blogger G-Man said...

Submandave, I was on board Dolphin that night when she almost went below for enternal patrol. The door was nothing but a door to prevent "large" amounts of water to come in the ship while USS DOLPHINS batterys charged. It was not a WTD. If you want to know more, email me. I would not mind telling the world what really happaned.

4/03/2006 5:43 AM


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