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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Other Idaho Bloggers

More as a bookmark for me to look through than anything else, here's a pretty big list of other Idaho bloggers; not all inclusive, but still bigger than anything else I've seen on an individual blog. [And yes, as you probably can guess, the 4th one down on the list is Not Safe For Work Or When Your Wife Is Looking Over Your Shoulder (NSFWOWYWILOYS)]. Some more are here, here, and here, plus a blogroll of left-leaning blogs is at Red State Rebels. I'm sure there are more... (like this complete website by one of my son's friend's brother).

Going deep...

Update 1825 12 Dec: I visited most of the blogs listed above, and based on a review of those that have site counters, and the number of comments of those who don't, I hereby declare TSSBP "Idaho's most visited blog"! (My header has been changed to reflect this.) Any Idaho-based blogger who wishes to dispute this should feel free to provide any evidence from their site meters -- mine, of course, is, and has always been, open to public inspection. Until then... I totally rule!

Update 0227 13 Dec: The Idaho Statesman has an article in today's paper on Idaho blogs, along with a listing of some blogs. For some reason, they didn't include me. (Probably because few people outside of submarining read me.) That'll change, though; now that I'm "Idaho's most visited blog", the visits are sure to come pouring in! Soon, all Idaho bloggers will be sucking up to me, as my links will determine their traffic levels. I'll be the Instapundit of Boise! Bwa-ha-ha-hah. Heh. Indeed.

Update 2343 14 Dec: About that stuff about me being Idaho's most visited blog? Uh, disregard. I visited a couple more of the blogs listed in the newspaper article, and found that Clayton Cramer's Blog actually gets about 3x the hits per day that I do; plus, he's permalinked by Instapundit. So, I now have to claim that I'm the "Most Visited Idaho Blog That's Not Permalinked By Instapundit". Expect the T-shirts to come out soon.


Blogger Julie Fanselow said...


Yeah, I agree it's not right Greg Hahn didn't list you in his story. I even mentioned you to him, alerting him to the exchange our blogs had last week.

But I've mentioned what you are doing in a post today over at Red State Rebels, so my dozens of loyal readers might check you out.

By the way, Larry has a post up at today about how the hell we might be able to get our guys and gals out of Iraq. It's not so much about when we can leave, but how we can do so in a responsible fashion. Have a look.

12/13/2005 7:05 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Thanks for the link! I updated my permalinks with some of the sites from the Statesman article, including yours. I posted this morning over at Larry's blog; I was impressed by the responses from other commenters -- very measured and reasoned. I didn't point out that the bases were pretty much already finished, so it's a moot point -- you can check out this 9 month old article in Mother Jones for more info (a source you should be able to trust, Julie), or this page for fairly good info on our current bases.

As far as my mentioning of the story, and the *tone* of the two updates -- I was really hoping for it to come across as more humorous than it apparently did; I thought that the concept of some random blogger demanding to be recognized as "Idaho's most visited blogger" would have a sufficiently ridiculous air to it that it would turn out to be funny. I've mentioned before that I have a problem with what I think is funny not necessarily meshing with what the non-submariner portion of my audience does, sometimes.

I still hope that all you cool Idaho bloggers will let me hang out with you on the playground, though...

12/13/2005 7:11 PM

Blogger Retired Geezer said...

I totally saw the humor in that.

No worries, Joel.

I'm glad you see fit to link to a guy who was a RM2 in the Surface (Target) Navy.

12/13/2005 10:23 PM

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