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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Yes, This Is Satire

From Broken Newz:

"China has developed a new propulsion system for its Ching Ali class submarine that environmentalists hail as "earth friendly". Fuel for the submarine is composed entirely of powdered (NaHCO3). Leading propulsion scientist, Dr. Irwin Corey, said China has successfully refined this method of propulsion to power their 650-ton submarine at speeds approaching 11 knots. In addition, since the submarine has no need for a conventional propeller it may be totally undetectable by U.S. naval forces.
"Greenpeace International said the submarine, which can carry up to 24 nuclear missiles, shows that China is clearly taking the lead to preserve the eco system of the world's oceans. "Not only is NaHCO3 a non-toxic compound but the crew of this submarine will have virtually no odor when they return home after extended undersea deployments", said a Greenpeace spokesperson."

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Blogger Vigilis said...

Not Satire:

NaHCO3 has been investigated as a mutagen, reproductive effector. Oral rat LD50: 4220 mg/kg. Irritation data: human,skin, 30mg/3D-I mild, rabbit,eye, 100 mg/30 S, mild. You are correct, however, not much of a problem at all.

1/21/2006 12:08 PM


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