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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Staff Officer Quote Log

In late April of last year, I started posting a series of quotes from a Staff Officer "Hard Sayings Log" that was passed around my "group" when I was at CENTCOM, such as these ones. (It was actually compiled and updated by a Navy officer at EUCOM who worked with all of us that were dealing with the coalition for the GWOT. He spoke Polish, which was very helpful on liberty during our TAD trips to Warsaw when we were setting up the MND-CS.)

It looks like the "quote log" is still being passed around various military inboxes, because Neptunus Lex just posted a bunch of the better quotes from the collection. I was so proud to see that my personal contribution to the log (“When all else fails, simply revel in the absurdity of it all”) made Lex's cut.

Here's one of my favorites that didn't make Lex's list:

“I just realized that this War on Terror might take a little longer than we thought, so I am developing a new system of hanging charts on walls to solve our problem and win the war."
LTC (EUCOM) after a review of long range Counter Terrorism (CT) plans


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