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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Power Point Ranger Hilarity

Neptunus Lex comes through again with a couple more "A to Y" slideshows from the Boys in Baghdad. Although you don't need to have been a staff weenie to appreciate them, it sure helps. I especially liked this slide:

Here's what the caption says:
Nothing says efficiency like a meeting held by video across the world with multiple stations fusing and sharing information. Too bad there is a guy with a hot mike somewhere in the States that doesn’t know it. Now people around the world get to watch him sing and dance to 80’s tunes, awesome.
It's funny because it's true...

I remember during the comms check for one VTC when I was at CENTCOM, just as MND-CS was taking over the Center-South region of Iraq back in 2003, the CJTF-7 guys we were getting ready to VTC with burst into song: "On the 1st of September, the LATAMs asked from me... an armed, up-armored Humvee." Trust me, it was hilarious.


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