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Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Tiny" Bubbles Needs To Sign Up For The Amazing Race

A guest post from SubBasket:

Being the big fans of The Amazing Race that we are, I mentioned to "Tiny" Bubbles that we should apply for the next race. He said, "It would be interesting." This usually means, "No, I don't want to do this." Have I married the most boring man in the world or what?

This is where I need your help. I need encouragement from his commenters so he will move his back end and apply for the show. I've never seen a submariner on a major reality show, but I think that they would do really well; and it goes without saying that Submarine Wives would always be the best, after all we've gone through. I am up for an adventure, but Bubblehead doesn't want to go on one. It's no fair that he got to travel all over the world while I was home, and now that we can both go, all he can say is, "I'm too old and decrepit."

I've recently lost a lot of weight and I want to do something challenging; I think this would be it. Please help me encourage him to do the right thing and try to get us on the show. Also, if anyone finds out how to apply during their tours around the Internet, please let us know.


Anonymous bullnav said...

DO IT!DO IT!DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My wife and I love The Amazing Race. I would love to see a fellow submariner and his wife go for it.
(Sorry, I don't know how to sign up.)

5/05/2007 10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it because of the competetiveness or is it because you think she'll beat you at something?

5/05/2007 10:38 PM

Anonymous byron said...

BH, you might as well go with the flow. There'll be no peace in the BH manse until you do...

5/06/2007 8:03 AM

Anonymous Alan said...

Heed the words of wisdom: "If momma ain't happy, nobody happy."

5/06/2007 8:40 AM

Blogger Barry said...

The Amazing Race is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

Here's information on the producers at the web site.

That ought to get you started. :-) (The first task in The Amazing Race is figuring out how to express your interest to the producers. After all, if you get on the show, you will find yourself trying to locate the only kosher tacqueria in Ulan Bator or some-such.)

My wife has a not-so-secret dream of getting on The Amazing Race as well, but my idea of "rough travel" these days is staying in a three-star instead of a four-star hotel. Maybe the two of you should consider forming a team? :-) I'd be glad to put you in touch.

5/06/2007 3:28 PM

Blogger BostonMaggie said...

I don't watch this show....but if you can get him to do it, I will have to watch and cheer for you.

5/06/2007 3:38 PM

Anonymous Navy Wife Wendy said...

What a great idea! You should apply, it couldn't hurt!

My husband feels the same about travel as Barry. My girlfriend and I always joke about applying, but she hates to fly and I hate to eat gross/strange things.

Good Luck!

5/07/2007 11:24 AM

Blogger Miss Ladybug said...

I would SO watch it again if you were on it! The only season I made the effort to keep up with was the one with the Apache pilot/Iraq War POW and his beauty queen girlfriend, and an old retired Old Guard guy and his wife.

5/07/2007 11:29 PM

Blogger Kat said...

Yeah! Do it! Do it!

You'd know how many people would be rooting for you?

You could always donate the prize to a good cause (*cough* soldiers' angels *cough*).

Go Navy!!

5/08/2007 11:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got some news for you... Amazing race is incredibly choreographed. I know Gus from season 6. He and his daughter were held up because they were ahead by nearly 24 hours... (You couldn't pick that up from the show) Jonathon (the guy that everyone hated) was actually well liked. The producers actually scripted the events...

The show is no more realistic than any other reality show... in his words..."it's a sham". I was a big fan of the show until he popped my bubble.

5/14/2007 3:39 PM


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