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Saturday, January 26, 2008

If It's Snowing Out, It Must Be Time For...

...the Spring 2007 edition of Undersea Warfare Magazine to finally make it to the N87 website! I seriously don't know when it was posted, but I check about every month, and the Winter 2007 volume didn't make it online until about September. Now that it's available, though, it's got some good reading, like a story on nuclear submarine innovations and a report on the finding of USS Wahoo (SS 238). It's well worth a look.


Blogger Papaya Mom said...

That is because it's the collateral duty of a post DH 04 who's main job is, like most at the Pentagon, already a 80+ hour per week job and the contractors who make it for review leave a bit to be desired in the area of self-editing and need lots of direction on what the current "party line" is. Also - it's been turned over behind schedule by at least a quarter each time for the last three guys to fill that shore tour slot.

Cheers. Glad you like it :)

1/27/2008 6:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bubblehead & papaya mom

South of the equator we also look forward to the USW mag and you are almost on the mark with with us in Australia in terms of Issue dates. It is an excellent mag for us friends of the submariners and given papaya mom's final statement I can only implore you to keep up the good work. DBF

1/27/2008 7:19 PM


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