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Monday, September 27, 2010

Japanese ASW Video

Here's a video of JMSDF P-3's practicing ASW:

If only the submarine had some sort of anti-air weapon, it would have survived.


Anonymous Laughter in Manslaughter said...

Don't understand how they lost WWII or to Godzilla with this kind of technology

9/27/2010 4:24 PM

Blogger ETCS(SS/SW) said...

Hilarious. The poor boat looks like a Model-T Ford from the side.

9/27/2010 5:33 PM

Anonymous Ross Kline said...

As usual, the sub starts out constrained to a little box, so the hunters can "find" their prey.

9/27/2010 6:22 PM

Blogger Do You Think I G.A.F. said...

Where can I get a sub like that? It would be great for parades!


9/28/2010 2:52 PM

Blogger Don the Baptist said...

Mark on... er, SIDE!

9/28/2010 4:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had to be a North Korean sub.

9/28/2010 9:49 PM

Blogger Old Salt said...

Yeah, and I think it's actual size.

9/28/2010 11:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of releasing the red smoke, the sub should have released a green flare.

9/29/2010 6:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard war stories about a boat that nearly shot down a helo because they were signaling a shooting solution at the very moment the helo dipped their sonar directly above the boat.

9/29/2010 7:45 AM

Anonymous The Ice Pilot said...

the USTAFISH shot a green smoke onto the wooden flight deck of the aussie carrier we were working with in the 70s. Promptly took them out of the happy spot and into the hectic "hair on fire" optempo.

9/29/2010 12:06 PM

Anonymous Below Decks Watch said...

@ ross kline 9/27/2010 6:22 PM

yeah, wasn't that always stupid. the best part of it all was that we needed to come to PD and radiate to they could get a fix on us.
stupid P3 bastards. do your job properly and you might find the submarine. and if you don't find the submarine, that means the bubbleheads did their job correctly.

"oh look sonar sup! do you think we should pass the P3's blade rate over to the Con?"

9/29/2010 12:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ice Pilot,

No wood flight decks on Aussie Carriers. The two that RAN operated were former RN light fleet carriers and had armored flight decks. I'm sure you got their attention tho..... In 1945 when USN was experiencing heavy damage to our carriers because of wood flight decks and had to be sent back for repairs, RN carriers attached to 5TH Fleet for invasion of Okinawa were hit a number times by Kamakaze. They would get the fire out and sweep the residue over the side and continue ops.

Keep a zero bubble..........


9/29/2010 3:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shipmate who lives nearby was aircrew on P2V5 and 7 and then upgraded to P3's in 60's and 70's. Told me candidly that back in those days it was pretty easy to find Nuc boats because of noise signature. Lot harder to find diesel boats on battery and diesel boats snorkeling if they had Prarie-Masker running. On last smoke boat we used to provide services to P-3's when snorkeling without prarie-masker running. Involved changing speed, changing course, shutting down and starting engines. He told me that what was going on in P-3 was sonar equipment calibration during these ops.

I stood Diving Officer with an OD that would have sonar coach him in direction of active sonobouy, then get visual through the scope and have COW open and close bridge closure doors and try to snarful the sonobouy. Lot of fun on his watch.

Keep a zero bubble..........


9/29/2010 3:38 PM

Blogger ETCS(SS/SW) said...

@DBFTMC(SS) - I can just see a boat trying to snag an active sonar buoy... Hilarious! But wouldn't that be misappropriation of government property? Great stuff.
BTW, even though on a boomer, there were a couple of times when we did exercises with P3's and as far as I know, we always won.

9/29/2010 4:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's a Praire-Masker?

9/30/2010 11:19 AM

Anonymous Dean said...

Praire Masker was a system that piped compressed air overboard around in belts around the engine room and around the screws. It's purpose was to mask the sound of snorkeling and screw blade rate info. Supposedly made ship sound more like a rain squall and disguised anything distinctive of a snorkeling submarine. Also used on some surface ships for the same reasons.

9/30/2010 11:44 AM

Blogger Old Salt said...

It's kind of like a big bubble wand in a fish tank. Surface ships blow... air through a pipe with machined holes which puts a bubble layer around the ship, reducing radiated noise. Another version works around the screw to mask the blade rate. I'm no sonar tech, but it is supposed to sound like rain.

9/30/2010 11:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another candid comment from my Airdale shipmate re: Prarie-Masker, "If we knew the US diesel submarine had Prarie-Masker we know what to listen for. If we didn't know, most times couldn't find'em."

My first experience with Prarie-masker was in WesPac in 1962. USS Catfish SS-339 brought first Prarie-Masker to WesPac. I was on USS Cusk SS-348 at the time. We had a special passive sonar that had hydrophones placed throughout the length of the boat in the superstructure. The electronic controls and tape deck was located on a torpedo skid in the ATR. We spent ten hours at SDGE quiet hovering on a layer taping Catfish as she snorkeled with Prarie-masker running and shut down at various ranges. This exercise was conducted in the vicinty of Subic Bay. We had a four day surface transit on four engines from Sasabo. Arrived in the area and dove without cooling down the engines. Coolest compartment in the boat was the FTR at 108 degrees. Hottest was Maneuvering over 140 degrees. Could only leave an Electrician on watch in maneuvering for half an hour. That was the hottest ten hours I've ever experienced on submarines.

Keep a zero bubble.......


10/01/2010 1:48 PM


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