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Monday, April 04, 2005

Rosie Roads Faces Economic Hardships

I know I really shouldn't laugh about this, but I can't bring myself to feel too sorry for Puerto Ricans who complain about the Navy closing the base at Roosevelt Roads.

A year after the Navy left Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, taking with it 6,000 jobs and an estimated $300 million annually, Ceiba is struggling as businesses close, unemployment rises and residents leave the town of 18,000.
An ambitious plan to turn the empty base into a cruise ship dock, commercial airport, tourist resort and light industrial park cannot get under way until an environmental study is completed.
Roosevelt Roads was a support base for American invasions of the Dominican Republic in 1965, Grenada in 1983 and Haiti in 1994. But its main purpose in recent years was to oversee bombing exercises on nearby Vieques island. The exercises provoked protests that contributed to the American decision to end maneuvers on Vieques in 2003 and close Roosevelt Roads a year later.
Officials said about 2,000 troops and civilian personnel left the area, and some 1,000 private contractors lost their jobs on the base.
Some Puerto Ricans, especially the island's vocal pro-independence movement, celebrated on April 1, 2004, after the base closed. But others worried about the impact on the economy and on communities like Ceiba, located at the gates of the former station in eastern Puerto Rico.

I visited there in 1991, and it was, to be honest, not a very good base. There should have been more people aware that if Vieques was closed, Rosie Roads would go too.

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Blogger CDR Salamander said...

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4/05/2005 8:13 AM

Blogger CDR Salamander said...

I have spent months of my life at Roosey that I will never be able to get back.

The high point was Chicken Jose's at the golf course where I got about 80% of my dinners. The locals made it known that they did not care too much for us, the island is dirty, and the liberty was horrid.

Good riddance, IMHO

4/05/2005 8:14 AM

Blogger WillyShake said...

I enjoyed our two visits to PR, but then we were a NASP boat and didn't make too many--and most were in Scotland. LOL. But I agree that I don't have much sympathy for them in this situation. You make your bed; you lie in it.

4/05/2005 12:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on, the O-Club was a lot of fun (Course the two times I was there a carrier wing was there).

I agree with willyshake, though, Scotland was better.


4/05/2005 2:49 PM

Blogger ninme said...

I don't get it. What'd they do to make the bed they're lying in?

4/05/2005 5:30 PM

Blogger bothenook said...

i feel sorry for the ones that thought the glitterati that came to PR would in some way help out once the navy pulled up their tent pegs. foolish folks, to think the camera seeking celebs would in any way put themselves out once the cameras were turned off. i blogged a little about this a couple of months ago at not in my back yard

4/05/2005 7:31 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

The people just outside Rosie Roads I don't think asked for us to leave Vieques -- all they did was charge obscene prices for cab rides and served old beer at high prices. It's the national political leaders that sold them down the road.

4/05/2005 8:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was on a few detachments down there and had a blast. The women are very friendly and attractive, good parying in San Juan, the world's slowest McDonald's outside the base. Lousy flying, but good fun.

4/06/2005 4:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember Puerto Rico particularlly, Ceiba and the fond memories of family. But Chicken Jose's was the best! Whatver happened to Chicken Jose's? I wish I had the recipe to how they made such delicious food. Especially the chicken and beans. Any info? Gary...

7/17/2006 5:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was stationed there for 3 years. Loved Chicken Jose's food and spanish rice would love to have it again.

Andrea E-3 Seaman 18 years ago :)

1/08/2013 5:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stationed there from 99 - 02. I found this blog looking for a pork recipe tgat resembled Chicken Joses. I miss that food so much.

2/06/2013 7:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I have been craving Chicken Jose's! I loved that place! I spend 3 great years @roosey roads and was stationed for short time 3 months in vieques... I am a gringo with a spanish last name blond and blue eyed at that... nevertheless, becuase of my spanish heritage I was able to meet and hang out with the locals both on Vieques and Mainland.. I will never forget the fond memories I had their which included hunting for baby brahma bulls for a child's first birthday party...those that remember that fun evening should contact me... as I would love to get back in contact with them... thanks all , gonzo

9/11/2013 12:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurricane Hugo ravaged anything in it's path if it was wood it was gone and if it was cement, well you were just plain lucky. The rain forest was gone; all that splendid natural beauty swept away with the wind and the waves. None of us took showers for weeks, washing up was as good as it got. I remember everyone coming together in a time of despiration working side by side to rescue the elderly, women and children with the provision of water and food. The barrier of language didn't seem to make a difference hand gestures were clearly recognizable under the circumstances. With no dinning facilities on base and the long grueling hours of work most of us were too tired to fight the lines for chow and so many children were struggling to understand the delima surrounding them, we all took to sharing our daily stories around the habachi grill instead of adding our presents to an already caotic situation by making the line longer, yes those were the good old days when a can of Chef Boy R Dee was king. We would just slap our cans on the grill and in ten minutes dinner was served right out of the can. Rebuilding in a country away from home was a life changing experience. Purto Rican families invited us into their homes and made us feel like part of the family. Yes indeed those were the days when Purto Rico was my home away from home.

9/20/2013 6:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous II
Ex Sea Bee - EO - there 1971 for 3months on way to Diego Garcia - helped clear road up rain forest(beautiful) - drove bus on liberty to san juan (black angus ladies of the evening club)- 2 window shot out by rebels - me an murry found deep water sub doc - sub George Washington there - partyed w/restricted crew (all crew on liberty to san juan)sat in pilot seat of sub - very cool - not going to say anymore.....

11/05/2013 5:43 PM


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