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Friday, April 01, 2005

I Love Sub Pay (We Love It!)

Like all submariners, I always really liked submarine pay. The leader of the Boise SubVets sent out a copy of what is apparently one of the original authorizations for submarine pay; some of the background information is here. Here's what President Roosevelt wrote in 1905:

Subject: The White House November 8, 1905
Executive Order

Beside the five dollars per month extra pay allowed them for submarine service, enlisted men serving with submarine torpedo boats, and having been reported by their commanding officers to the Navy Department as qualified for submarine torpedo boat work, shall receive one dollar additional pay for each day during any part of which they shall hbe been submerged in a submarine torpedo boat while underway; provided, however, that such further additional pay shall not exceed fifteen dollars in any one calendar month

Theodore Roosevelt


Anonymous Xopher said...

Sub Pay is more than Flight Pay. Used to piss off my classmates who went aviation. I used to respond with 2 words, Thresher and Scorpion.

4/02/2005 5:20 AM

Blogger WillyShake said...

I wouldn't be in the least surprised if this had to do with Teddy's ride on Plunger that I mentioned the other day!!

4/02/2005 8:41 AM


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