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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Submarine Town" Down Under

An article in The Border Mail tells the story of Holbrook, in southern New South Wales, and their special relationship with submarines. How did this special relationship develop?

"The story begins during World War I. Then Holbrook was known as Germanton. Given that our country was engaged in war with Germany, the town elders wisely decided that a name-change was in order.
"At about this time Lieutenant Norman Holbrook became the first naval Victoria Cross winner of the war for his gallantry in sinking a Turkish battleship with the submarine he commanded.
"It was soon decided that the town could do no better than be named after a great war hero, and so in 1915, Germanton became Holbrook. Ever since then it has maintained a special link with submarines."

The town has the above-the-waterline section of the ex-HMAS Otway on display in their town park. One more example of our friends the Aussies doing it right.


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