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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oh! The Humanity!

Time magazine brings forth another fearless example of their willingness to overcome the "stifling of dissent" within the U.S. by printing evidence of American torture of poor tourists who just happened to be travelling in Afghanistan in late 2001. In this shocking article, which Time happily admits is based on still-classified Secret document they happened to get their hands on, reveals that the brutal Americans...

Forced the poor innocent to listen to Christina Aguilera music!

Dripped water on his head to wake him up!

Only gave him four hours of sleep after twelve hours interrogation sessions!

Only allowed him a 24 hour break and had only two doctors care for him when he became dehyrated!

All because this poor unfortunate tried to enter the U.S. in August 2001, allegedly to help fly civilian aircraft into various buildings.

I'll try to find my copy of Time from 1943 when they revealed, based on secret documents, that President Roosevelt had decided immediately after the U.S. was attacked in December 1941 to concentrate their efforts on a country that hadn't attacked us, was shown in hindsight to not have a viable means of striking the U.S. directly (except with pesky submarines), all the while not telling the country that he had decided on this "Germany First" policy; in some cases even claiming that he would fight the Japanese with all his might. Also, he consulted with the British Prime Minister in making this decision! And, claimed that he still believed that peace was his goal while ordering U.S. warships to behave aggressively towards German submarines! I'll also find the articles where they reported on alleged American atrocities in Sicily...

(For those who don't know me that well, the above entry was writ ironical... and pissed off. Dammit, we're at war! You don't have to cheerlead for our side, but don't help our enemies!)

Update 1807 12June: My good friend Rob looks at this report from the left; not surprisingly, he chooses different excerpts than I did; and he doesn't go off on a rant about the Downing Street Memos like I did... (although the rest of his blog has been pretty heavy on that subject lately...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, shipmate, there's a hell of a lot more people in this country who DO "get it", as opposed to those who decide to form their opinions by the sound bite. Case in point, Fox News is spanking the hell out of Communist News Network. Hell, the Internet, and especially blogs, are going to be the death of rags like Newsweek and Time, who operate on the Watergate School of Journalism, better known, let's see how much we can color the publics opinion, so we can run another President out of the White House.

Just maintain an even strain....

6/12/2005 5:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are we at war with? When did Congress declare a state of war? Do you also dislike people that think the War on Drugs is a pathetic failure?

You guys are so far "right" that everything looks "left" and your general perspective is just screwed.

6/15/2005 11:16 AM


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