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Friday, July 08, 2005

Future of the Seawolf Class

Watching yesterday's Connecticut presentation to the BRAC commission, I was interested to hear John Markowitz mention that there are rumors that the three Seawolf-class submarines homeported in Groton could all soon move to Bangor, Washington. Everyone knew that USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) is moving there later this year, but there's been no official mention of a possible move for the other two boats of the class. To be honest, this move makes a lot of sense. With the Seawolf class being a three ship flight, and with all the repair parts that are unique to the Seawolfs, having all three in one homeport is the right way to do it. Not only does it move the most capable attack submarines in the world closer to the potential flashpoints of North Korea and China, it also allows the supply chain to be streamlined. And, although the Navy will never admit it, it makes it easier to cannibalize parts from the two older boats to make sure that Carter can get to sea when she needs to.

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Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

The NAVSEA geeks have been discussing this option for a while. Logistically, training-wise (why have more than one trainer set up for a 3 boat class, or have to make crews travel to train), support-wise (only one IMA would need to be trained up on how to fix these boats) - it all just makes sense for these and a slew of other reasons to move the 'wolf class as a whole. Now, as a fast attack and NLON boy myself, I recoil at the idea - taking the best blue-water subs out of the sub capital and sending them to a boomer port? But, on those few occasions when I am dispassionate, I will admit it makes sense.

And yeah, it is about time that the Carter stopped being the repair parts locker for the 21 and 22, and got to start stealing from them instead...

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