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Sunday, July 10, 2005

MSM: Just Because Spell-Checker Suggests Something...

...doesn't mean the new word is the one you're looking for. Check out this article with a quote from Venezuelan President, and future military coup victim, Hugo Chavez:

'Speaking during his weekly television and radio program, Chavez said "we firmly reject" the attacks Thursday that killed 49 people and injured 700. "Nothing can justify the abdominal acts," he said. '

Now, he was probably speaking in Spanish, so that's a translation. And c'mon... how badly would you have to spell "abominable" for Word to suggest "abdominal" as a replacement? Now, some may think I'm unfairly maligning the AP, but look -- they're the ones who are supposed to be so much better than bloggers because of the accuracy of their editors. "Spelling" seems like it should be one of the required core competencies for someone checking a story for publication.

And my spelling mistakes? I don't get paid for it...


Blogger Vigilis said...

Absolutely correct. Why would serious reporters / editors not adhere to the best language practices? My favorite press faux pas, was use of the term 'erotically' to describe movement of parts through a low-tech production process. "Erratically" was not only the intended term, but describes the media's application of its quality control practices.

7/11/2005 7:49 AM


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