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Monday, May 07, 2007

"Hey, Shipwreck" Article In Navy Times

Navy Times has a good article on the excellent "Hey, Shipwreck" space submarine video series and its creator, Patrick Hrabe. Excerpt:
Except for the music, which is composed by collaborator John Seguin, Hrabe makes “Hey, Shipwreck” himself. He comes up with the bits that will make up each edition, writes the dialogue, and then records it in a studio in his basement.
The vocals then go into a computer to get the effects that create the different characters. The supporting cast includes an archetypal hard-case chief; a prissy nuclear technician (“Why must my vast intellect curse me? My intellect is but a shackle — a shackle to my existence!”); and an evil alien cyborg assassin, who didn’t get any lines.
When the voice track is finished, Hrabe then begins animating the episodes with a program similar to the one used to make computer games, which produces video that looks similar to the Xbox game Halo.
Because of technical limitations, and because he’s doing it all himself, Hrabe has to put his characters in space suits with helmets, but he aspires for future episodes to take place inside the ship and for the characters to have animated human expressions.
As a bonus, the Navy Times article even mentions me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the Pravda of the Navy didn't try to keelhaul Hrabe for his videos, since they really don't put Navy life in a positive light.

Or maybe it'll happen now that it's been in the Navy Times and received too much attention.

5/08/2007 6:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there -
We are going to interview Patrick, the Hey, Shipwreck creator, on May 17th at 11am EST. We are taking live calls. So, schedule your lunch accordingly.

To hear the new Navy Wife Radio - Hey, Shipwreck promo copy/paste this link: and click on the Hey, Shipwreck link.

I hate to say it (since it is sort of making fun of Marie and I)....but it's funny!

5/08/2007 2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bubblehead,Congrats on the mention in NT.

you should see a spike in your viewers now that you're famous!

5/08/2007 6:01 PM

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