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Monday, November 12, 2007

Uncovered Propeller On Advanced Submarine!!!!

You know how we always try to go to great lengths to cover up the propellers on our submarines (with varying degrees of success)? It appears that the Maritime Central Design Bureau for Russia isn't quite as worried about it with their newest diesel boats of the "Amur" class:

On the other hand, the picture they have of the stern of their newest boomer (bottom picture on this page) does have the screw covered. Makes me wonder if maybe that's a dummy prop on the diesel boat pictured above...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a "dummy" -- it turns the wrong way.

11/12/2007 11:27 AM

Blogger reddog said...

Yeah, that prop doesn't look all that secret.

11/12/2007 4:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said... looks almost like the model of the screw that was on the wall at the sub display in the Smithsonian a couple years ago...

11/12/2007 9:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a picture of a prototype ship with a phoney propeller...

11/13/2007 8:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know why the rudder is only on the keel?

11/13/2007 10:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo above is a Type 636 KILO.

The LADA/AMUR subs have fairwater planes.

See Rubin's English website on the various types:

11/15/2007 2:36 AM

Blogger AB- said...

We had to change out our screw on the 594 - can't tell you why - I'd have to kill you.

It was all very hush hush and they even made pains to not even have the truck on our pier until the "satellite had passed". We finally got the thing changed out after about 18 hours.

Two weekends later, I was at my "summer house" in Yuma, AZ and getting some gas for the trip back and what was across the street at a weight station - another low boy trailer with, what appeared to me, another submarine screw - completely out in the open, not even tarped.

Now, I realize that some of you may not feel a STS is smart enough (knuckle-draggin' A-Gangers pipe down - your chirping and grunting is too loud) to recognize the nuances between a submarine screw and say a OHP FFG-7 screw but after staring at that thing hanging in the wind for a few hours - I got pretty familiar with it.

12/12/2007 3:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it wouldnt matter anyway. all of their stuff is old american technology. go back and look up in the 80s there was a father and son that gave up all our sub secrets. we have a microphone system on the floor of the ocean and they told them that also. also they bought the machines with muti axis to make the new screws after they found out how we made them. i am sure we are still ahead by some messure. but with china and russia now trying to hack into everything sooner or later they will get the info.

2/07/2012 2:15 AM


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