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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Year, Another Blogiversary

Welcome again to my annual self-indulgent post where I spout some statistics about TSSBP, and, most importantly, thank all my readers for making this blog what it is. It was 4 years ago tonight that I started The Stupid Shall Be Punished; since then, I've made 2,100 posts, and logged over 830,000 visits and 1.6 million pageviews. Somewhat surprisingly, I find that the number of visits I get has gone up as my number of posts goes down; extrapolating from my blogiversary post last year, I generated only 305 posts in the last 12 months while getting over 330K+ visits and 650K+ pageviews. The increased writing that's going on here is all due to my great commenters, who've made the comment sections here a self-sustaining community. Thanks so much for all that you add to this blog, dear readers... I couldn't do it without you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the BEST bubblehead blogger and quite possibly the most interesting and informative blogger on any site! You've got a fan for life here. :) Dare you ask where I'm from? Does blue skies, sunshine and tradewinds ring a bell? Congrats on this milestone!

9/17/2008 2:04 PM

Anonymous OldSailor said...

Wish you a happy anniversary and all the best.

9/17/2008 2:10 PM

Blogger Mark said...

And the Bloggie for best female blogger goes to....!

But uh seriously I love your blog. Thanks!

9/17/2008 6:09 PM

Blogger MountainGoat said...

Congrats Bubblehead!

9/17/2008 9:40 PM

Blogger Jay said...

You're my inspiration and the ONE submarine blog everyone must read. Daily. Twice. Or more.

9/17/2008 11:16 PM

Blogger a_former_elt_2jv said...

Thanks for the compliment.

And you're welcome!

[Thanks Joel!]

9/18/2008 7:44 AM

Blogger esryle said...

Happy Anniversary Joel!!

9/18/2008 2:11 PM

Anonymous ninme said...

Happy blogoversary! Gosh, I remember when we were very young...

9/18/2008 4:19 PM

Blogger bothenook said...

has it already been 4 years? i remember the flop and twitch you were going through getting settled in to CivPac, and it's been great seeing your blog become one of THE blogs about submarines and submariners.
congrats, and here's to many more years!

9/18/2008 10:47 PM

Blogger a_former_elt_2jv said...

Flop and twitch..... hehehehe

9/19/2008 6:06 PM

Blogger richard said...

Blog it and we will read!

Joel, thanks for the laughs and deep thoughts...


9/20/2008 9:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a nuke officer getting ready for prototype and I certainly enjoy your blog and hearing the sea stories. Im taking the advice to keep my mouth shut and take in everything when I finally make it to a boat. Keep on writing.

9/25/2008 2:57 PM


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