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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PCU Missouri Arrives At SUBASE NLON

Here's a video of PCU Missouri (SSN 780) arriving at SUBASE NLON in preparation for her commissioning on Saturday morning:

Here's a story about the move. This reminds me of one of the more embarrassing moments of my Navy career, although Missouri had a much better time of it than I did when I was Eng on then-PCU Connecticut (SSN 22). When Connecticut made her first trip up the river to SUBASE from Electric Boat in 1998, we weren't "underway on nuclear power"; we came up the Thames pulled by a tug and with a puppy diesel welded to the deck. This was because Big Navy had forced our CO to sign the transfer documents for delivery of the boat to the Navy despite the fact that the diesel was inoperable (reportedly in order to meet a delivery deadline in the contract so EB could get a big bonus -- those SUPSHIP guys need jobs when they retire!), so NR wouldn't let us start up the reactor without an operational diesel (understandable). As a result, our "triumphant" entry into SUBASE came in the form of a dead-stick move. Humiliating.


Anonymous Dave Cochenour said...

Did you serve with Bob Tamburi on the Connecticut?

7/28/2010 9:43 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

The name doesn't sound familiar, but we had a lot of crew turnover the last few months I was there. I left in July '99.

7/28/2010 9:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

EB has always been "ahead of schedule and under target cost" HAHA

7/28/2010 12:12 PM

Anonymous Toothpaste said...

Who let that palm-fisting dummy Jennings and his "laughing stock" comment on video? Send him to the Dentist, ASAP!

7/28/2010 1:32 PM

Blogger H. S. Normal said...

Back in the days of CSS-10/USS Fulton/many 594's at State Pier, being dragged up the river by a tug (from State Pier to Subase for drydock or other repairs) became known as a '594 Northern Run'. I had the privilege as Eng to make one of these trips cooled down, on XC, with only one vital bus energized, stern first. But at least we had our own DC diesel, the DC shaft lube oil pump, and the emergency propulsion motor operable!

7/28/2010 2:40 PM

Blogger a_former_elt_2jv said...


Your comments makes it seem like Veliotis still ran EB in the late 90's.

7/28/2010 3:21 PM

Anonymous yobeb said...

Connecticut seems to be the highlight of the subs... you are awesome navy

7/28/2010 5:07 PM

Anonymous NHSparky said...

Newsflash, Jennings--you won't get to do "what you signed up to do" for quite some time yet. About 2-3 years, by my estimate. Lemme know how those spec ops go, will ya? LOL.

7/28/2010 7:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone needs to let the TM know that he is a MM. Sorry dude.

7/28/2010 8:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rexrode survived Denno as XO, which makes him a hero to start with. Good luck Captain!

7/29/2010 12:08 AM

Anonymous pc assclown said...

Who's this Yobeb dude (7/28 @ 5:07pm). He (or she) writes like he's from the middle east trying to worm his way into our secrets. I don't trust this guy..

8/02/2010 11:29 AM

Anonymous Porter Versfelt III said...

Is the pronunciation of the Thames River by the reporter in this video correct? Or should it be pronounced as the Brits do for their version of the Thames?

6/01/2012 2:58 AM


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