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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Non-Submariner On "Women On Subs"

Via The Military Outpost, a new milblog put together by LT and Mrs. Smash, I found a post by legibletrout discussing the always popular topic of women on submarines:

"I have had a number of submariner friends, and they are a different breed, no doubt. Six months underway, underwater, with minimal exposure to the rest of the interesting dynamic for a male/female crew. Wonder how some wives and husbands would feel about their spouse being a member of such a crew. Everyone says they would trust their spouse, but six months without a phone call, and maybe only an occasional email? Half a year submerged, closer quarters than anyone back home can imagine?"

Now, submarines do actually pull in for port visits during those six months, so we're not that different from surface ships in that regard. The biggest problem I see is that either you'd have men and women in much closer quarters that you do on surface ships, or you'd end up with empty racks in the "female only" berthing areas when people stay behind... not very good for morale when most of the crew is hot-racking. Plus, which head becomes the female head? And do you need to install an extra head in the goat locker and wardroom areas? Or just have a sign you put up depending on the gender of the occupant? (That's what we did when we had female riders -- except for middie ops, when boats will turn one head over to them for the night.)

Plus, we all know what "feminine products" would do to the san pump...

Going deep...


Blogger D.P. Guettler said...

Uh, Bubbles - ask Gman about women on subs. He's got some amusing stories.

11/06/2005 12:24 PM

Blogger ninme said...

Tell me more about these heads. Because, Peter and I frequently use the same bathroom, as do, presumably, you, your wife, and your three children, at different times of the day. So why would that be a problem? Unless you guys all pee in troughs like in shoddy public restrooms.

The berthing thing would be a problem (there is the biggest pun there, but I'll leave it alone) but boys 'n girls could sleep in the same room together, if there was a little changing-closet available to get into a girl's jammies in.

As for the feminine products (and the berthing would-be pun) you could just put the girls all on Depo. Problem solved!

11/06/2005 6:57 PM

Anonymous subcomunic8r said...

Well ninme, on a Los Angeles class submarine there are 4 toilets and 3 shower stalls for about 110-120 E-6 and below. One toilet and one shower for 12-14 Chiefs. One for around 10-14 officers. And the Co and XO share a toilet and shower. Just a tad more crowded than your average household.
A little changing closet? To serve how many females? Nevermind that there isn't any room for such a "luxury". Privacy is at a premium on a submarine.
If the Navy could make women take Depo or Norplant, they probably would have long ago to cut down on pregnancies while women were at sea going commands.

11/06/2005 8:24 PM

Blogger MT1(SS) said...

So you're advocating a mandatory birth-control device to be used on women who may have a religious opposition to its use?

Sure, it's great idea, but in reality it kinda goes against that whole "life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness" ideal that we're subject to.

The problem, when you get down to nuts and bolts, is American culture. Our culture prevents women from serving on submarines because, as a culture, we are prudes. The thought of mixed sexes in the same berthing facilities doesn't sit well with John and Jane Q. Public.

As far as the heads, we're not talking about 5 people sharing one bathroom. We're talking about, best case, 140 blue-shirts sharing 6 stalls, 6 sinks, and 4 showers. That's about equivalent to 35 people sharing the 1.5 bathrooms in the average American house.

What size would you propose the "little changing-closet" to be? On the comparitive hotel that is the Ohio-class submarine, there is about 40 square feet in which 9 sailors bunk.

"Fire in the Engine Room!" the 1MC yells... are we then waiting for women to change out of the aforementioned jammies to go fight a fire?

Women on submarines is an issue that will never be fully resolved until our society changes its views.

11/06/2005 8:33 PM

Anonymous chrys said...

Too serious to be funny. It was bad enough being one of only two women in a 269 person unit on DRY LAND. It's unthinkable to even imagine the "head" problem! Unfortunately - the more like everyone - all members are - the better the mission will proceed. It was interesting watching a die hard "Top" who hated women and wouldn't allow them in unit parades end up putting a lock on a door (no flip sign) for me so that I didn't have to wait till they all came back from where ever to use the restroom or figure out how to make it to the third floor (woman's floor). Just gets silly and everyone has to change their lives - lives already stressed with conditions. HEY - let's make it MORE confusing!!

11/06/2005 9:11 PM

Blogger ninme said...

Oh you people are NO fun.

So I guess from what you're saying, the bathrooms are sort of dorm-style? Not one-at-a-time style?

But just think of the reaction of anyone who thinks it would be really swell to have girls around after being locked up with a bunch of them on Depo for six months! Hilarious!

11/06/2005 11:36 PM

Blogger drunknsubmrnr said...

Showers? SHOWERS?! Oooohhh, you people had it SOFT!

Real submariners (ie DBF'ers) get a sponge bath. Once a week, and only if they really need it.

11/07/2005 8:28 AM

Blogger D.P. Guettler said...

I went to sea with 21 female Naval Academy cadets for about 14 hours. "OH MY GOD". I will tell you about it in the middle of the week when I am off for a couple days. Got to sleep now. Work 13 hour days. Bottom line, women and men cannot coexist on subs. It's either got to be a entire male staffed sub or entire female staffed sub. The problems with having both sexes on board are huge.

11/07/2005 10:21 AM

Blogger A.A.G. said...

Thats my subbie!

11/07/2005 3:14 PM

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Blogger Bubblehead said...

Uh... OK.

11/17/2005 12:19 AM


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