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Monday, November 07, 2005

Taiwanese Submarines

Some of you may have been confused, if you visited the pictures of the Taiwanese submarines linked by The Sub Report, about the descriptions of the current Taiwanese sub fleet as "U.S. made". (I know I was at first.) In fact, that is accurate; the Taiwanese still have two old Guppy-II boats -- formerly USS Cutlass (SS-478) and USS Tusk (SS-426) -- in commission and operational. You can see why the Taiwanese might want new ones, though, since these two boats are veterans of WWII, and have been operated by Taiwan for about 30 years. I believe they might be the last two WWII-era boats still in operation.

At least one of them still looks pretty good, though.


Blogger Chap said...

--The Razorback returned last year from Turkish service. The WWII vets were pretty innovative in getting the boat back and into shape for museum work.

--Taiwan's sub story has been one I've been peripherally involved with for a while. I know one of the former attaches there who'd been working it. Two big barriers to new US made diesels for Taiwan: one of the TW political parties, and more importantly NR. I can email details if you're interested.

11/07/2005 7:51 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I'd be very interested...

11/07/2005 8:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen photos posted on a website, and they are well maintained.
Perhaps if the Canadian Navy is getting frustrated with the Upholders, they could give them to the Taiwanese navy.
Judging by thier experience with DASH, the Taiwanese will get them in service

11/07/2005 9:17 PM

Blogger Chap said...

Done...your inbox is awaiting!

11/08/2005 12:06 AM

Anonymous EW3 said...

While they may be WWII vintage but they have 21" tubes. Stuff a few Harpoons in them and they become deadly.
Even with torps they have value. Part of the way to stop a ChiCom amphibious assault is to tie up all the docks in the major ports of Taiwan. Good way to do that is sink whatever ships are next to the dock. Enter the guppies.

11/08/2005 4:50 PM


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