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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Equal Opportunity Mocking and Belittlement

One of my guiding principles in blogging is never to cover for someone or something just because I happen to agree with their politics. Let's face it, though... it's a lot easier to make fun of something you don't believe in. Here's what I found today--

At an anti-immigration and pro-"English as official language" protest in Columbus, Indiana, check out the unintentionally humorous combination of signs:

"No Amnety", indeed. It's obvious now why we need to have more instruction in English in this part of Indiana. Seriously, if you're going to go to the trouble of making a sign, why not check the spelling first? (Of course, I may have just misunderstood the whole thing. Maybe if you "Honk for English", the lady will turn her sign around to reveal the correct spelling.)

Next, I'll direct your attention to my "favorite" progressive watering hole in Idaho, 43rd State Blues. As of early Sunday afternoon, their top two posts are a ridiculous 9/11 conspiracy theory rant (which includes a claim about submarines that's quite humorous for those of us who know about such things) as well as a post about... well, I'm not sure. Since I'm not allowed to comment over there, I'll just reprint the whole thing verbatim so you'll know I'm not mocking them through selective editing:

"Get a grip, people (is it a full moon yet?): Charles Keating is still in jail, he doesn't have e-mail access, Gordon Liddy has too much to lose, and it boggles the mind that BushCo would be behind 9-11. But the French told us so first!
But it's so much fun Daddy, to believe in fairy tales! (like the UCT: Unified Conspiracy Theory)
Big Oil really does want to turn Planet Earth into Dante's Inferno (with them selling the gas), and Prince Al Gore is a knight in shining armor. (Sure, and he really did hoe & crop tobacco).
And Roger Williams isn't a lazy, indecisive boob, who waits past the 11th hour to make up his petulant mind....we must really help him!
Get a grip, people. If we don't we'll never, ever get power in Idaho. (Scary thought, getting power, huh?)"

Remember, people, the correct order should be "post on blog, then take hallucinogens", not the other way around.


Blogger Zoe Brain said...

One just for you, starring a 1930's Soviet project for a Flying Submarine.

I'm sure you can think of a good use for the motivational poster generator. Have Fun!

5/22/2006 5:44 AM

Blogger Alan said...

I took the post to be a slam on Roger Williams asking for folks to write him in. I agree with what I take to be the point, that Williams must be chronically disorganized or indecisive and probably doesn't deserve a write in ballot.

Now, the guy who wrote the long post about all the concidences surrounding the 9/11, i.e, "the 9/11 conspiracy", would probably suggest that Willams is just trying to stop Dems from crossing over and voting in the R primary. Or something.

And by the way, if you divide 9 by 11, as represented by 9/11, it yields a long string of 18s, and you know 18 is 3 sixes, or 666, so it is really a signal of the impending arrival of the Anti-Christ.

5/22/2006 9:51 AM

Anonymous craig said...

Six months can seem like two years, especially when you're a dink non-qual on a Sturgeon class, port and starboard underway and three section in port, with an ORSE and an NTPI and a yard period--at Mare Island-- thrown in. Ah, good times.

5/22/2006 2:14 PM


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