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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kansas Highway Honors SubVets

Back in my old stomping grounds (I graduated from the University of Kansas back too many years ago) they used the occasion of Armed Forces Day yesterday to designate a portion of I-335 in Kansas to honor U.S. Submarine Veterans. Excerpt:

"More than 20 veterans and their families gathered for the dedication of the U.S. Submarine Veterans Memorial Highway.
"During the ceremony, Veteran Art Randall read the names of submarines and crew members lost since World War I.
"He says it's important to pay homage to those who serve their country, especially those who don't come home.
"It's more than the star spangled banner," Randall said. "It's living and breathing it and dying for your country, if necessary. And if necessary, we want to remember them."
"The dedication comes after the House passed a bill allowing a portion of Interstate 335 to be designated as a memorial."

In an unrelated note, I also learned how to use the "Read More" trick for blog posts.


Blogger Amerloc said...

But, for what it's worth, that stretch of I-335 is part of the Kansas Turnpike system, so you have to pay a toll to see the memorial highway....

Struck me as beyond ironic.

8/22/2006 3:44 PM


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