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Monday, May 22, 2006

Submarine On Popular TV Show Tonight

Just a reminder that tonight's season finale of 24 will feature a submarine in the story line. Personally, I've never seen 24, but it sounds like it's a standard Hollywood production (meaning, it sacrifices "accuracy" for "excitement" when it comes to describing the capabilities of military hardware).

According to Alex from The Noonz Wire, in a comment on my blog about last weeks episode:

"The submarine is taken over by terrorists (they do this by dropping nerve gas down the hatch in the sail, which kills the whole crew), who then set about prepping the weapons systems for missile launch. They make a point to announce that they're loading missiles in the regular tubes to supplement the ones in the vertical launchers.
Given that they are pierside, launching anything from the torpedo tubes sounds like a pretty lousy idea, no?"

I plan on watching to see what idiocies they come up with tonight (and to see my old boat USS Topeka, which I've heard plays the Delta IV.)

Update 2228 22 May: Well, I watched the show, and it was good to see my old boat again. Some parts of it were humorous (like when they opened the VLS tubes and said they were the tubes for the ICBMs), but to be honest, they probably did the best they could without having to use CGI. Those who know LA class boats were probably amused as they filmed them going from one place to another that was supposed to be just around the corner, but was actually two decks away. It was also a little confusing when they were still supposed to be on the sub, but filming shifted to what I'm pretty sure was one of the trainers at SubTraFac.
Also, I didn't hear if they ever explained why they couldn't just open the forward electrical distribution breakers to stop the missile launch; of course, since it was a "Russian" boat, I suppose we can suspend disbelief and figure there was some reason why.
Overall, not as bad as I thought it'd be. Of course, I may have been emotionally drained by seeing Topeka again, so anyone who thought it was completely ridiculous should let me know in the comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a surface guy I don't know much about subs, but is the sail on your boat that small (as viewed in the shootout scene)?
Also I thought the PO3 was taking inventory in after engineering so how is he closer to the forward escape trunk? Or did I miss what he said about his location....

5/22/2006 6:28 PM

Blogger G-Man said...

Hey BH, saw the show. Didn't think
it was that great but thats my opinion.

DPGs other half

5/23/2006 1:14 AM

Blogger loddfafnir said...

didn't see the show but from what i've read here, Hollywood took lots of license just to get rid of the crew. with the boat pierside and surface ventilating, the nerve gas should've just been exhausted back out the sail. maybe i've missed something by not watching though. the boat was supposed to be Russian so maybe they have another way of ventilating.

5/23/2006 11:29 AM

Blogger G-Man said...

Uh BH dude are you sure that sub isn't the one thats docked in Long Beach? hehe.... just kidding.

(btw - the one docked @ long beach is a russian sub)

5/23/2006 6:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't see the doors on the bottom that the flying sub comes out from. What Happened?

4/30/2007 3:21 PM


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