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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Voting In Idaho

Today's the first regular election day where I'll be voting in Idaho (I was still officially a Nebraska resident last year). Unfortunately, there's not that much of interest on the ballot here -- just two city councilmen running unopposed.

Actually, one of them really isn't unopposed; there's a write-in candidate. Being the diligent voter I am, I went online to research the maverick write-in candidate. Does he have what it takes to win my vote?

I eagerly anticipated his answer this queston: "How has the city handled growth to date? Are you happy with the rate of growth? List a specific method to improve the way Meridian manages growth."

Does he hit a home run with his response? Judge for yourself:

"I think the city has handeled the growth as best as possible. However, I don't think we expected it at the excelerated rate that it happened. The best way to manage Meridian's growth is to look ahead, look to the future. By knowing what subdivions and where subdivions and business complexes are planned we can plan ahead to factor in traffic, schools, churches and parks." [Emphasis mine]

Hmmmm.... it's gonna be a tough choice.


Blogger ninme said...

I just read that out to Peter, and we agree:

"that poor guy!"

11/08/2005 11:12 PM


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